Vsi prispevki, ki jih je objavil/a hera


This morning new notification boards appeared on the fence of the former factory Inde – this time stating: “Transition prohibited, private property” and “Danger of collapsing building”. Later on, the workers began placing a wire fence, first on the southwest side, and just a half an hour ago also at the entrance to the premises of U.P.I. We see this as an attempt to obstruct easement access to our premises, which we hold due to the landholding right.

Despite numerous attempts to establish communication with the bad bank (DUTB), this company clearly communicates with us only through suspension notices and notification boards. We again urge the DUTB to treat us as equal partners in negotiating. We expect that the easement path remain unobstructed.

We perceive the premises of U.P.I. as a public space, open to users and supporters of the community of The Creative Platform Inde. Therefore, we strongly reject such an approach of the so called »owner«.

We understand that the area where the cleaning of dangerous waste takes place must be protected, but we will not let this become an excuse to prevent access to the premises of U.P.I. and consequently enable the eviction of U.P.I. We do not in any way hinder the cleaning of asbestos, even more – we are being fully cooperative from the beginning. We demand an equally correct treatment.

We repeat again, there is no asbestos at the premises U.P.I., therefore there is no reason for closing our access.

The program of our 2nd Indeversary is being carried out without interruption. So see you at the factory!


A week has passed since the company Finali began the removal of dangerous waste at the former factory INDE.

The cleaning is being executed without interruption, the same as all the activities of the collective U.P.I. In two days time we are starting our 2nd Indeversary, as planned. After the first day of cleaning due to the warnings of UPI and some media reports the cleaning staff had to entertain a visit of the labor inspector who suspended works for a short time due to inadequate protection of workers and the inadequate labeling of the site. The workers continued with their cleaning operations on the same day, supposedly with adaquate protective equipment (although we at UPI remain concerned and in doubt about the correctness of its application) and more appropriately marked zone where disposal takes place. Work continued over the weekend. Removing the wastes is probably slowly moving towards the end, then, according to forecasts in the media the company Saubermacher will begin with the removal of asbestos roofs. This means that also three rooms which are being used as a warehouse by UPI will remain without a roof.

Let us add that today, on 6th February is the last day on which DUTB is still collect binding bids for the sale of the former factory. Currently there is no trace of a potential buyer. We are still calling  to DUBT do dialogue with us. The collective is otherwise in full swing preparing for the 2nd Indeversary, which will be celebrated from 8th to 11th February 2017.

See you at the factory.


PUBLIC CALL to DUTB to dialogue with the collective U.P. INDE

The Creative Platform Inde Collective is issuing a public call to DUTB (the so called: bad bank) to start a dialogue with regard to making arrangements to remove asbestos from the former factory Inde. We reiterate that the spaces which are in use by UPI have already been cleaned long ago and are in fact asbetos-free. We expect a response from DUTB so that in agreement with the cleaning contractors a temporary access to our premises during the clean-up will be arranged. There are several entrances to the UPI premises and we are sure it is possible to provide safe access to at least one of them. Also, the building which UPI uses is not covered with asbestos roofing.

We are willing to show the premises to licensed contractors to convince them that the cleaning of the area that we occupy is not necessary. We have also prepared proposals on how to facilitate access without hindering the clean-up.

It is our sincere wish that the cleaning of asbestos be carried out in the forecast time-line. We strongly reject the call to eviction which an unknown messenger left at the entrance to the former factory. Judging by this written notice, DUTB isn’t just planning to clean up the premises, but urges users of the premises to remove all personal belongings. This cannot be interpreted otherwise but as a threat of eviction. As responsible landlords we are obliged to take care of the premises which are in our possession. We owe it to UPI users and to the wider local community, since for more than two years we have been doing major socio-beneficial and completely non-profit, social, cultural, artistic and other work and activities. It would be inadmissible and irresponsible to leave and empty the spaces which provide a creative platform and shelter to a wide range of people. We will not allow DUTB to use the removal of asbestos as a cover for an effortless destruction of several years’ work, which was done for the benefit of all people in the wider local area. We reject in advance any hints of hindering the cleaning of asbestos.

We ensure that all our efforts are aimed at finding common solutions.

The Creative Platform Inde Collective

Koper, 1/25/2017


The Creative Platform Inde (hereinafter UPI) welcomes the planned remediation of hazardous waste (asbestos, used needles) in the former factory INDE. However, we are announcing that we are not consenting to emptying the already restored spaces which from October, 5th 2014 have been in the use of UPI. We believe that the cleaning of hazardous waste is perfectly feasible without interrupting the activities of the collective.

Since October 2014 we have proved through active involvement and massive response of visitors that this space is one of tremendous importance to the region. At the premises of UPI we are carrying out social programs (food for the socially disadvantaged, gathering supplies for the refugees, etc.), cultural programs (more than 300 concerts, roundtables, art exhibitions, film evenings, etc.), educational programs (lectures, workshops, practical training, etc. .), environmental campaigns, remedial actions, sports programs (skate park, dance workshops, self-defense, sporting competitions and sports days) and so on.

The space of UPI represents a polygon for learning life skills and gaining new knowledge. All this is being done on a voluntary basis, free of charge, non-profit, and with a great deal of personal commitment. Now, with the Autonomous zone Argo gone, there is a danger that the region could lose the last of this kind of spaces that allow the exercise of our creative, social and critical potential, not basing on market logic.

In addition to UPI several homeless people found  roof over their heads in the wider area of the abandoned factory. With the closing of this space they will lose their last refuge. DUTB is thereby endangering their lives during the coldest days of the year.

The premises of UPI occupy only a small part of the total area of ​​the building. Wastes are located in a relatively remote part of the building, so it is possible to remove them without UPI having to suspend its activities and programs. We are looking forward to February 8th when we are planning a series of events titled INDELETNICA#2 which will celebrate the second anniversary of our public activity, this time finally in a completely safe environment.

The Collective U.P. Inde

Any additional information can be obtained on the website www.indeplatforma.org


The news reached us in the last days about yet another prison sentence in Turkey. This time, the state which is well on its way to fascism, pointed its finger towards the anarchist propaganda. The magazine Meydan, which had already been closed down during the Erdogan’s “cleaning” after the Coup, was now hit even more. The editor of Meydan, an anarchist magazine issued by DAF (Devrimci Anarsist Faaliyet / Anarchist revolutionary action) is now sentenced to more than one year in prison. The State claims some Meydan articles were promoting terrorist methods. It is not hard to understand this verdict, yes, all the ideas which organised anarchists in Turkey are promoting, like gender equality, workers’ rights, economic system based on mutual aid and without private property, freedom of the individual, antionationalistic and antifascist ideas (and of course we must not forget their support to Rojava revolution) – it is all very dangerous to the State. Taking the right to write, speak and organize around this ideas is something unforgivable in today’s Turkey. Using the rhetoric of public safety and comparing anarchist ideas in any form with terrorism and violence is an old story, we have seen it for more than 100 years all over the world. We are not surprised nor shocked.

But, as well as our comrades in Turkey, we know that this business of the states and regimes haven’t managed to silence the roars. There will always be another Meydan, another page printed and distributed, another article written.

We send our solidarity and thoughts to the Meydan and DAF comrades; behind prison walls or on the streets, already now they are on the only possible and logical side of history.



ANTIFA ISTRA and collectives UP-INDE (Koper), ARGO (Izola) and Alternativa Obstaja (FAO-IFA)

Interview with a comrade from DAF

Statement of Meydan

Prison Sentence to Managing Editor of Meydan Newspaper

An investigation was started by Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s office about our newspaper related to articles “Both Arrival and Departure of State is From Fear”, “Banned Until Further Order”, and “Recreating Life” in the 30. issue of our newspaper published on December 2015 with the caption “Banning Everything”. The lawsuit following the investigation ended after almost a year of trials.
On the summary judgment yesterday, the court sentenced the managing editor of our newspaper Hüseyin Civan to 1 year and 3 months of imprisonment with the charge “making the propaganda for the methods of a terrorist organization constituting coercion, violence or threats through legitimizing or praising or encouraging the use of these methods”.
As we emphasized in the articles leading to the investigation, “State will never be able to captivate the passion of freedom of and the conviction of freedom of the peoples”.
As an anarchist newspaper knowing that the free life that we believe in can only be created through struggle, we will never give up writing what we stand up for and distribute what we write. We will continue to resist, act and write against oppression, investigations, custodies and arrests.



C.P. Inde strongly condemns the violent police attack on comrades from Argo, which happened on Friday 28/10 2016. Recently we have witnessed repeated attacks on several autonomus communites in Slovenia (Rog, Sokolc, Metelkova). It is clear that with any start of collective creative and critical thinking, there also appears repression. Izola has for long years lacked autonomous cultural venues and has just recently got its own Autonomous Zone Argo. This kind of space is necessary for the development of an active society. Argo is a young collective that still hasn't blossomed and come to life in full, because power structures immediately cut down the first germs of critical thought. Oppressive authority brutally stamped down on basic human rights of two activists who suffered serious injuries. Both had to seek medical help that the police even refused to provide. Sometimes the fight for a better world has such high price as head concussions and internal bleedings. 
To Argo we express the broadest solidarity, because the attack on them is also an attack on every other autonomous community. Only solidarity and mutual aid can bring about a better tomorrow. At the same time we have to fight against the media, which grasped the currupted story of policemen and demonized our comrades. It has become increasingly clear to whom they serve. Certainly not the people, but rather the capital and power. We must condemn the police violence that has crippled our comrades and we must not remain indifferent or turn the other side. We express our full solidarity with the Argo Collective and we send them a message that in this fight they are not alone. We also strongly condemn any violence against autonomous spaces and communities! They shall not pass!

In Anticipation of an Indean Summer…

While most of us turned our brains off and connected ourselves to solar charging, the second issue of the community Inde’s newspaper Počasnik was very quietly released into the world. It outed in mid-August, and you can grab your copy at the premises of The Creative Platform Inde, as well as around town … at different places – in libraries, at faculties and other educational houses, and if you ask nicely, maybe even your neighbour can lend it to you… 😉

In it you can find a range of articles that were written by co-workers and colleagues of our newsroom. The topics discussed in Počasnik# 2 are among others: a presentation of the (Istrian) game pandolo, a biography of the life of the coastal skater community, reflection on the events from the time of the defence of the autonomous space Rog Factory, an interview with Mladen Jovičič from the Union of Crane Operators in Luka Koper, an illumination of what is hapenening with the Trieste’s polluting giant Ferriera, a presentation of the practice of urban gardening, a column, which is not that, and much more …

The media platform Inde is slowly getting its shape. Contractions before the birth of the second baby were at times jerky and painful, but we heard that this is always the case. Because things that are too easy, do not settle in the heart. We hope we have weighed well the weight of our words; when we haven’t, let’s not forget – we are all learning.

In order to continue to be able to issue our newspaper, a benefit event presenting Počasnik#2 and a dinner will be held on Thursday, 08/09 2016 as the last one of the cycle of events called “Little Friday”. We will stuff ourselves with Vegan KEBABilon, a specialty od the PandaBanda tandem (vegan mayonnaise to die for!). The Coastal legend – Total Destruction Sound will provide selected music. Solidarity contributions with which we will be able to maintain our newsroom are most welcomed. All the money collected will be devoted to the cost of printing of Počasnik.

In September you will be able to hear our first radio broadcast, created within the framework of pAnkaranska BENDIMA, with live radio broadcast of BENDIMA’s selected concerts that wiil be held at Ankaran beach. Take note of the 9/17 on your calendar and come with us and enjoy the joys of Ankaran’s musical harvest.

So August has passed… The start of the new season is at the doors. Our calendar of upcoming events is slowly being filled up, and as always, you’ll be informed about al that’s happening via our website, which will soon also be redesigned and upgraded. We are tripping with excitement!

Autonomous spaces will be defended

During the night between 27th and 28th of August 2016 another one of a series of attacks organized by neo-Nazi groups took place in the autonomous area of Metelkova City in Ljubljana. The Nazis attacked by throwing bottles, pyrotechnics, stones, and shouting fascist slogans which resulted in a few people being hurt, one of them seriously. The police came to the scene and sadly even tried to treat the hurt people as criminals. We stand in solidarity with all the injured and join them in a clearly handed down: “They shall not pass!”

The antimigration discourses that have recently escalated through sensational reporting of the profit-oriented media apparatus, and which are constantly also the agenda of political elites to achieve their populist goals, are creating fertile ground for seemingly isolated and sporadic attacks on autonomous spaces. From our analysis and experience from the field we understand that states as institutions through their antimigration policies, systematic discrimination and racism do not allow to breathe neither to the autonomous spaces nor to people seeking refuge. So it is obvious that we cannot place our trust and hope in these and similar formations. We are aware that in order to fight the ideologies of exclusion the responsability rests in all community members, always and everywhere.

Primorska is, historically speaking, an open venue of encounter and coexistence of the different, and the memory of the first anti-fascist struggles is still being cherished here. That is why we are not afraid of the sowers of hatred and intolerance! We cooperate with related collectives and spaces that work in the field of anti-fascist struggle and closely monitor the situation in our environments. The towns in which we live, will continue to be anti-fascist and we will not stop defending the autonomous spaces created here.

Against borders, wires, and nationalism for freedom of living and free movement of all!


The Collectives U.P. INDE Koper & ARGO Izola


The UP Inde Collective will support the spontaneous revolt of dock workers on Tuesday, 07.05. at 18 pm in front of Luka Koper. In a world where a spontaneous workers’ revolt is treated as an assassination of the state and where the state is a tool in the hands of capitalists to silence the will of the people and to erase any attempt to manage our own lives, the state has no legitimacy for its existence. Our alliances are bulit outside the exploitative mechanisms and outside of “national interests”. Workers or unemployed, the precarious , students, migrants do not have countries that represent us and for us to decide on our future. Thus we will take things into our own hands! See you on the street!

Protest against privatization and destruction of Luka Koper, 28/6/2016


We all know that the factory Rog is being threatened with demolition by the mayor of Ljubljana, which was planned for June, 14 2016. Today, June, 6, an attack was carried out at 3:15 AM. A bunch of security guards used severe violence on people and the police that was also present there, allowed it. Now there are barricades in front of the main entrance.

A PROTEST AGAINST THE DEMOLITION OF ROG is being called for at Petkovškovo nabrežje (the rear side of the factory).
We urge all those of you who care for autonomous spaces to join us in defending Rog. Your presence will help, so come whenever you have the time, up until June, 14.

You can follow the events on https://www.facebook.com/ohranimorog/

Together we will defend ROG!!